• Shortly About Me

    I am an independent senior developer and chief digital officer.
    For fifteen years I have worked in design, development and management of high traffic websites and data intensive transactional applications for the most demanding customers and thriving startups.
    I am a rare combination of developer, manager and business consultant.

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  • Java and Scala

    I have been continuously developing Java applications since 2001. I have mainly developed high traffic websites and transactional applications for big companies at the most demanding environments.
    Lately I am moving from Java towards Scala. I like Scala because it feels like Python whilst taking advantage of all the powerfull Java libraries available. I am also a great fan of Akka Actors model over java.util.concurrent.


    Tools & Technologies

    • JSP/JSTL/Servlets
    • MVC: Spring, Stripes, Struts
    • Dependency Injection: Guice
    • REST: Jersey, Axis2
    • XML/XSLT: Xalan, Xerces
    • TDD/BDD: JUnit, Mockito
  • Application Servers

    I started using Tomcat at its version 3. Tomcat is my first servlet container of choice, although I also have done works on JBoss and WebSphere.
    I can setup clusters of servlet containers and I am up to date with the latest Servlet Specification features.



    • Tomcat
    • JBoss
    • WebSphere
  • Front-End Technologies

    I can do end-to-end development from the database to the user interface. I frequently develop both the back-end and the front-end of an application, its infrastructure and its lightweight web front-end.



    • HTML5/CSS3
    • JavaScript
    • CoffeScript
    • JQuery
    • AngularJS
    • YUI
  • Relational Databases

    I have been using relational databases intensively for a long time. I can model data, write stored procedures, mantain and tune any of the common RDBMs.



    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL (PL/pqSQL+PostGIS)
    • Oracle (PL/SQL)
    • SQL Server (T-SQL)
  • Non-Relational Stores

    I am up to date with the latest trends of NoSQL stores. I have written applications using Amazon S3 for storing files, or Hadoop for map-reduce processes.
    Sometimes I use MongoDB for storing web forms or Cassandra web a column-oriented databse is needed.



    • Amazon S3
    • Hadoop
    • Cassandra
    • MongoDB
    • Berkeley DB
  • Some projects done by me

    • Zesped 100% Web Doc Scanning

      [2013] A highly scalable SaaS for scanning documents and storing them as digitaly signed PDFs. Based on Tomcat 7, Stripes MVC, YUI 3, MySQL and Lucene.

    • WebSphere Portal

      [2013] Development of JEE components, deployment and tunning of WebSphere using an Oracle database.

    • Miscellaneous Customers Microsoft Dynamics

      [2007-2010] Over 60 deployments of Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM on SQL Server.

      El Corte Inglés
    • EOI CRM and Bulkmailing

      [2010-2012] Customization of Hipergate Open Source CRM and integration with Liferay using Tomcat and PostgreSQL.

    • BMW Online Campaigns

      [2009-2011] CRM integration with Siebel and online campaigns developed with .NET, JQuery, Oracle and MongoDB.

    • CEPSA Microsites

      [2008] Microsites and online campaigns using .NET and JQuery.

    • Nintendo Newsletters and Social Media

      [2007] Newsletters and social media management using hipergate CRM.

    • Orange eCommerce

      [2006] Online shop for Orange Business. Based on Tomcat and Oracle.

    • RTVE CRM for TV advertisments

      [2002] CRM for management of TV ads sales for RTVE Spanish Public Television. Based on Tomcat and Oracle.

    • RTVE Yellow Pages

      [2000] Full technology stack for the Spanish Yellow Pages Online. Based on IIS, Oracle and Berkeley DB.

  • Beta Works

    I create end-to-end solutions as Developer Angel for start ups.
    I put in practice a technology neutral approach, picking the best stack and Open Source components for each case.
    I make use of the latest back-end and front-end tools.

    Python Stack

    • Apache HTTPD
    • Django
    • JQuery
    • PostgreSQL

    Java Stack

    • Apache Tomcat
    • Spring
    • YUI
    • MySQL
  • Lead Development

    I practice thorough, innovative and effective software development.
    A lot of people care about technology. Many of them are in fact obsessed with technology.
    They have fun with it, or even think that they are smarter than others ones because they know some low level details that others ignore.
    I do my best to reach a balance between pointless technology adoption and sound innovation.
    I lead developers from the trench. Being the first of them.
    Caring, understanding, taking controlled risks.
    Mentoring, letting them grow and contribute.
    “Talent” is the magic word endlessly repeated by managers and recruiters,
    but if you do not truly make a team then you are going nowhere.

  • Agile Management

    Agile is good beginning, but just that, a beginning.
    Over the last ten years Agile has become a best practice, but a best practice is also a common practice.
    If you are just practicing Agile then you are making no difference with any other.

    I have worked with several methodologies over the years, from heavy ISO/IEC standards or Prince2 to eXtreme Programming.
    I have arrived to something called Dragoon Dreaming which is a kind of nearly bug free code that provide great user experiences.
    Agile is a set of methodologies that focus on delivering the maximum amount of code as soon as possible.
    I believe in delivering actual Return Of Invesment to the software maker and not just more lines of code.

    My biggest team was one that I had at ThyssenKrupp with over 40 developers for the updating of its ERP to .NET technology during 18 months.
    I have experience writing commercial proposals, scheduling projects, doing budgets, controlling execution, recuiting people, motivating high performance teams, gaining executive support at organizations and reducing the deployment friction of applications.

  • Chief Digital Officer

    I have co-founded a couple of successful start ups in 2003 and 2007.
    I have experience pitching to VCs, developing applications from scratch with few resources, recruiting people, motivating high performance teams, controlling execution, doing marketing and applying for credits and subsidies. I contribute a “digital vision” to the company, connecting business needs with technical solutions. Not only I add value in technology but I also know how to seek for business opportunities.

    Co-Founded Companies



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